Company / App Name: keystok
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What does it do?

Keystok helps encrypt, share and manage app configs. Its faster than hard-coding, more convenient than config files!”

Why do we need it?

App configs contain a lot of sensitive information, like AWS secrets, API keys, etc. Its a pain for developers to manage, share and update configs when they are spread all over the place. We solve that.

Who is it for?

Indie software developers working in small team as well as corporate software development teams.

What makes it stand out from the crowd?

“Keystok is a lot easier to use than any other solution. There is no need to set up anything, Keystok is a fully hosted service. Keystok uses client-side encryption and is built for maximum uptime

What’s next?

We want to enable developers, dev- sysops to focus on what they are best: We want to offer more developer-focused products around CIT, infrastructure and deployment in the future.

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