Company / App Name: journi
Twitter – journiapp

What does it do?

journi is the easiest way to create an offline travel journal and effortlessly keep friends in the loop while being on-the-go.

Why do we need it?

journi is making all steps between actually experiencing a moment and sharing it with friends easier, by being at your side while you are offline automatically sending updates to your friends and family back home.

Who is it for?

Long-term travelers, who want to track their route while being on the road, people who want to keep up with the whereabouts of their friends, detail-loving travelers who want to remember and save everything.

What makes it stand out from the crowd?

It’s the first one to combine the private and personal travel journal experience and an automation of the exhausting way of updating friends via travel blogs and email chains.

What’s next?

The iOS app and the complementary web platform will be released mid of June 2014. After gathering lots of feedback we will move on to the Android app. Also, the Austria team behind journi is spending the summer in San Francisco.

Pitch Video