Company / App Name: InvoiceOcean
Twitter – @Invoiceocean

What does it do?

InvoiceOcean is a software that allows to issue a variety of invoice related documents online. It operates in the SaaS environment, meaning that all data is stored on the Cloud and able to be accessed from anywhere.

Why do we need it?

InvoiceOcean offers four account types with limited access to different features. All accounts can be tested extensively for 30 days at no cost, with no credit card required.

Who is it for?

InvoiceOcean is a software co-made by users that send constant feedback. That way it is designed to meet everyone’s needs.

What makes it stand out from the crowd?

InvoiceOcean also introduces a warehouse management system. It gives you the ability to manage one or multiple warehouses and set different product prices for each one. You have control over which warehouse releases the goods.

What’s next?

We are planning to expand our business area by responding to various market needs: UK, US and EU

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