Company / App Name: Instapio
Twitter – @instapio

What does it do? enables you to manage your WiFi network’s users through unique username/passwords instead of common single password most WiFi networks use.

Why do we need it?

Most WiFi networks use a single password for all users leaving no control over who has access to the wifi network, audit capabilities or login history.

Who is it for?

this solution is for small businesses who need mentioned enterprise features but cant afford thousands of dollars to buy expensive hardware, software solutions and required IT management staff.

What makes it stand out from the crowd?

Our system works with almost all routers available in the market, even tiny $20 wifi routers and only require 4-5 minor configuration changes through web administrator of the router. we are reducing cost by an order of maginitude.

What’s next?

We are bringing analytics module, enabling small restaurant and cafes to offer self provisioning hotspot functionality at fraction of the cost. On top of this the system will analyze customers based on their wifi usage pattern

Pitch Video