Company / App Name: InCharged
Twitter – incharged

What does it do?

InCharged provides customers with the perfect solution to charge their dead mobile devices – and they provide your business with more opportunity to interact with consumers, as well as an additional display advertising revenue stream.

Why do we need it?

Smartphone batteries don’t last the whole day. Businesses benefit from the additional foot traffic and longer dwell time, as well as positive brand sentiment for providing a free service. Advertisers get a more engaged audience.

Who is it for?

Cell phone charging stations benefit the consumer using it to recharge their mobile devices, third party advertisers who can buy advertising space, and proprietors who collect advertising revenue & benefit from additional foot traffic.

What makes it stand out from the crowd?

We use leading technology to provide a fast, safe, and energy efficient charge to up to 11 mobile devices at a time while a gorgeous 19” HD screen displays non-obtrusive marketing messages. Quick to set up, effortless to use!

What’s next?

We are developing solar powered units and generator-powered units. These will be perfect for outdoor events where outlets are not readily available, and for deployment during emergencies.

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