Company / App Name:
Twitter – holidify

What does it do? is a destination discovery website that helps travellers find the right destinations according to their preferences and help them plan their holidays in a hassle free manner.

Why do we need it?

We want to build more content and improve our technology by hiring 4-5 key people. By utilizing the money, we want to make a super awesome product which could be extremely user-friendly, intuitive and highly scalable.

Who is it for?

We are graduates from IIT Bombay and we are building the next generation travel portal. We have travelled a lot, mostly in constrained budget and know a lot of people who are in need of some better product in the travel industry.

What makes it stand out from the crowd?

We aim to make discovering your next holiday destination as much of an eye-opener as your vacation itself. With our interactive map interface and powerful filters, you can plan your vacation like never before.

What’s next?

Make the website’s content the best available content for destinations in India and then scale to other countries.

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