Company / App Name: Happyfox Inc
Twitter – happyfoxapp

What does it do?

HelpStack helps the iOS developers provide excellent customer service for their app users. Being open-source, developers can customize the look and feel of the helpdesk within their app. Helpstack can be integrated with the popular helpdesk

Why do we need it?

HelpStack helps all the iphone users to get in-app customer support and hence access to all the knowledge base articles within the app. This provides instant support as it is self service enabled.

Who is it for?

Helpstack is for iOS developers, to provide in app customer support experience and hence can stack up positive customer reviews. HelpStack lets customer to reports issues like app crash from within the app and have relevant tickets created.

What makes it stand out from the crowd?

HelpStack is open source hence helping the developers releasing free apps to provide an easy, scalable and efficient help desk solution. It bridges the market gap between the end-users and developers.

What’s next?

HelpStack has pre-built themes and one can customize the look and feel of the application as per the app business requirement, HelpStack can work event without an helpdesk app/account. Learn More,

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