Company / App Name: Happy Dog app
Twitter – drkatrinawarren

What does it do?

Posting & sharing your photos on social media–the ability to upload & enhance a photo using fun effects like moustache, hats, and glasses. With new themes and features to be introduced on a regular basis, including the ‘singingdog’ feature

Why do we need it?

Finally there’s an app that enables dog owners do all the fun stuff they can do with human apps – technology just for dog lovers.

Who is it for?

Consumers, family, entertainment, apps, fun, dog owner, pet owner, cat owner, vets

What makes it stand out from the crowd?

The Happy Dog app is a simple, free and family friendly app that allows pet lovers everywhere to have fun with their pet photos using a range of special effects like moustaches, hats and glasses, specifically designed for their four-legged

What’s next?

New Features Coming soon