Company / App Name: Hanoi Puzzle Game
Twitter – Droid Wits

What does it do?

“Hanoi Puzzle Game” is interesting free android game version of the popular algorithm Tower of Hanoi.
How to play:
* Move all disks to any of the other box.
* Click to select the disk.
* Click different container to move the disk.

Why do we need it?

Its is puzzle game.

It’ll entertain you more if you really a puzzle lover.

Who is it for?

This is for Puzzle lovers

What makes it stand out from the crowd?

This is just not like another puzzle game. This is based on popular algorithm called “Tower Of Hanoi”. So almost every puzzle lover will see this game as unique.

It needs only clicks to play just like Floppy bird.

What’s next?

We are improving the levels as beta users are feel that it’s bit hard when they cross level 10. So making it little easy and more interesting,

Link to Company / App Demo video