Company / App Name: guardingo
Twitter – ekinlabs

What does it do?

Guardingo transforms your smartphone in a home security system. You can receive notifications if somebody is moving back home anywhere and anytime. Guardingo is the first home security system that uses your own WiFi to detect intrusions

Why do we need it?

Guardingo is already at home, allowing everyone having WiFi to secure their homes.

Who is it for?

Guardingo is for people living in small apartments or rentals that do not want to waste money for a conventional home security system and wish to control their homes remotely anywhere and anytime.

What makes it stand out from the crowd?

Guardingo is the first home security system that does not require people to purchase sensors, as it is completely software. It can reach users instantly and it is plug and play with free trial.

What’s next?

Guardingo is being launched for beta testing and will soon be available for download for android devices, transforming any house with WiFi in a safe house.

Pitch Video