Company / App Name: GripeO Website and Mobile App
Twitter – @gripeo

What does it do?

GripeO improves the way you complain. You can conveniently submit feedback for any business, in one consolidated location. If the business is verified with GripeO, it goes right to them. If not, you can post socially to raise visibility.

Why do we need it?

Only 1 in 26 currently submit feedback. Customer service “rage” is at an all-time high!

Who is it for?

GripeO is for any person who’s experienced frustrating customer service. GripeO is also for businesses who value feedback, and would appreciate hearing about issues before the make it to the social media negative echo-chamber.

What makes it stand out from the crowd?

GripeO has meticulously collected the Twitter handles that respond to customer service issues. GripeO is free for businesses. If your complaint is ignored, we can let businesses compete over you!

What’s next?

GripeO will be rolling out the web’s first “Complaint Marketplace” as well as an Android version of our app.

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