Company / App Name: Gramplr
Twitter – AgrosisX

What does it do?

Gramplr is a new group-based social network that allows people to get involved in small blogs and conversations. The vision is that it also helps organizes feeds, and the combination of groups create for a lot of different possibilities.

Why do we need it?

Currently, today, with messaging platforms such as Twitter, you can’t get exactly what you want from certain people. Gramplr lets you choose what people like talking about most, and it allows you to join conversations you want.

Who is it for?

Gramplr is for everyone, of all ages and all professions. Of course, there will need to be moderation later on, but currently it is a small and growing community.

What makes it stand out from the crowd?

Gramplr is different from other messaging platforms because groups allow for certain topics, so you can follow a blog of something that you like, and participate in conversations that you want to.

What’s next?

Currently I am trying to gain as much as feedback as possible for Gramplr, and I’m trying to get more people on the team.

Pitch Video