Company / App Name: Grade Hacks
Twitter – gradehacks

What does it do?

Schools teach information. We teach students how to learn. Grade Hacks is a learning platform that improves study skills and learning strategies for high school and college students. We make better learners who get better marks.

Why do we need it?

Most students don’t know the right ways to study, take notes, prepare for tests, write papers, use technology, and more. Teachers are experts in their fields – not learning. Grade Hacks bridges the gap to help students perform better.

Who is it for?

High school, college and university students will benefit the most from the program. Students in English-speaking Western schools will find the guidance most applicable.

What makes it stand out from the crowd?

There is no other engaging, structured study skills program. There are books, blogs and local coaches, but no-one else has a program as comprehensive or interactive. We also help students see progress and achieve goals.

What’s next?

Grade Hacks needs to grow. We need to get into schools, tutoring programs, parent groups and more.

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