Pitch for gOrge

public —  December 20, 2013

Company / App Name: gOrge


What does it do?

It is somehow in the middle between a mail list and a forum.
It makes easy to organize a small group of people.

Why do we need it?

If used properly it will be a very valuable tool to easy organize a small group of people or to have some discussion about whatever.
More beautiful than a mail list, simpler than a forum, free.

Who is it for?

For everybody, but if you need to share information with somebody it is perfect for you.

What makes it stand out from the crowd?

Completely free, very very easy to use, simple, and somehow beautiful.
Also works on mobile devices, so you can check, or post, updates from everywhere.

What’s next?

If I got feedback I will add some feature, always keeping everything as simple as possible.

Pitch Video