Company / App Name: golfscape
Twitter – thegolfscape

What does it do?

golfscape provides instant access to connect and play leading courses around the world, and simplifies golf destination planning for the self-directed traveller.

Why do we need it?

Golf is a global game and with you tap into a global network to discover new destinations in over 40 countries. Our goal is to help people experience more personalized, unique, and business-focused travel centered around golf.

Who is it for?

All golfers and enthusiasts looking for simple and personalized golf course, destination, and travel discovery.

What makes it stand out from the crowd?

Our power is in our web technology. There is absolutely no comparison between the aesthetic appeal of golfscape and our peers. The content on golfscape is curated directly from the golf course. Finally, our worldwide reach is unparalleled.

What’s next?

We are expanding into more golf destinations and looking to monetize.

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