Pitch for Giftri.com

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Company / App Name: Giftri.com

Twitter – https://twitter.com/giftri

What does it do?

Giftri.com is a recommendation system that uses big data to help people find gifts for their Facebook friends

Why do we need it?

We all experience the problem of finding gifts. To solve this problem Giftri.com has developed a unique gift recommendation engine that mines Facebook profile data to generate personalized gift lists. Gifts are picked from Amazon.com

Who is it for?

Giftri.com can be used by anyone with a Facebook account. To use our service just log into Giftri.com with your Facebook credentials and select a friend from your friend-list. A list of gift recommendations will automatically be displayed.

What makes it stand out from the crowd?

We are (from a technical point of view) different from Catalogs who rarely have more than 500 products (which they sell/ship directly by the way) we use Amazon\’s API and grind through hundreds of thousands of potential gifts.

What’s next?

Giftri.com was launched in November 2013. The company expects to advance quickly over the next year and is looking for its first round of funding to help expand the business. The company also plans to add more retailers in the future.

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