Company / App Name: Funkyflick
Twitter – @Funkyflickcom

What does it do?

FunkyFlick provides personalized movie recommendations based on a book, a movie or any Wikipedia page. This is a new technology which analyzes the meaning behind English text and offers suggestions which fit that meaning.

Why do we need it?

Do you remember times when you were all set for a second look at a movie but couldn’t remember the name? Or felt like watching something new but had nothing but a general subject in mind? Funkyflick will solve it with a single click.

Who is it for?

FunkyFlick, is setting out to change the way that people find movies they want to watch. No longer will movie fans get recommendations based on what other people like or vague keyword matches.

What makes it stand out from the crowd?

The secret sauce: FunkyFlick’s ability to read the meaning behind English text and to understand the concepts within that meaning. This allows the FunkyFlick movie recommendation system to pick movies metaphysically.

What’s next?

Since FunkyFlick uses the meaning behind English text, the result is precise and will turn up 36 or fewer movies per inquiry, making the choice of deciding what to watch right now much easier.

Pitch Video