Company / App Name: Function Space
Twitter – @fspace314

What does it do?

Knowledge network for learning and sharing science. Specially crafted tools for science learning like Latex enabled platform with equation caller, visual equation editor, diagramming tools, personalization & real time data, e-Library

Why do we need it?

There is no platform which provides a complete learning eco-system i.e. discussions, articles by science experts, problem solving, books, video lectures, latest science news along with tools which are tailor made for science.

Who is it for?

Our user base includes participants (academia to corporate research) from over 190 countries including elite institutes like MIT, Stanford, Purdue, CERN, IIT, IISc and professionals from over 100 corporates like GE, Google, Cisco, Raytheon

What makes it stand out from the crowd?

Web is fragmented right now, we provide one stop solution in science. We provide tools that are tailor made for science in a beautiful responsive interface to access on all devices. Our search engine has attracted techies around the globe

What’s next?

We will be soon launching iOS and Android apps. We will be launching computational engine, communities for colleges soon.

Pitch Video