Company / App Name: Fresh Jets
Twitter – @flyfreshjets

What does it do?

The Fresh Jets app is a two-sided marketplace that connects passengers to affordable private jets. We aggregate schedule and pricing information from charter companies in real-time and match available flights to your travel needs.

Why do we need it?

Over the past few decades, air travel has become more and more miserable. Flying on a commercial airline sucks.

Who is it for?

Fresh Jets is for travel consumers and arrangers (travel management companies and internal travel managers). This group has frequent travel needs, frequently travels in groups and are looking for alternatives to airlines.

What makes it stand out from the crowd?

We never charge upfront fees or added-fees to access our inventory or services whereas our competitors drive revenue from memberships with both fees.

What’s next?

Fresh Jets will revolutionize the way you travel, especially if you travel for business. Like AirBnB, Fresh Jets’ brand will soon be just as recognizable. Next time you travel, we will present and you won’t even know.

Pitch Video