Company / App Name: FracktalWorks
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What does it do?

Fracktal Works is a privately registered company that was aimed to create affordable technology and deliver it to every doorstep.

Why do we need it?

3D printing is a manufacturing technology that lets you create solid three-dimensional objects from digital models.

Who is it for?

An aspiring innovative engineer who wants to see his imagination come to life, students undergoing research activities , doctors , can be used as the best educational tool.

What makes it stand out from the crowd?

Our printer “JULIA” is one of the kind printer , high precision and affordable 3D printer on the desk . This printer is completey wrap free , SD card printing option are avaliable ,75 micron resolution , best E3D fullmetalhead hoten

What’s next?

We are working hard on making affordable 3D printer making every engineer dream of having a 3D printer come true. We strive to work on advanced desktop manufacturing systems and support the customers in their needs.

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