Company / App Name: Flocations
Twitter – Flocations Travel

What does it do?

Flocations is a global meta search for tour packages. Think SkyScanner for vacations. We painstakingly work with local travel agencies to take all of their great vacations and tour packages and post them on our easy to use search engine!

Why do we need it?

Searching and buying travel packages from multiple agencies is a pain! Agencies still use PDFs for their packages, they are not mobile friendly and there is no one stop shop to search thousands of packages!

Who is it for?

Asia Travel Agency buyers – People who traditionally use travel agencies in Asia to buy their vacation packages. Usually 35+ with families but still technically inclined to do their research online.

What makes it stand out from the crowd?

It\’s the only tour package meta-search – meaning you can search thousands of tour packages in one place, get reviews, see hotel ratings and flights!

What’s next?

Branch out to every other country in Asia. A lot of work is done on a local level to acquire the content from travel agencies and suppliers. However, the technology itself is scalable and can launch in any country.

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