Company / App Name: Factify
Twitter – factifyapp

What does it do?

FACTIFY is a social media smartphone application developed to influence personal, local and global decision-making by inspiring its users to express their vote on the thoughts of the community.

Why do we need it?

Great change always came because of people coming together to make decisions, voting for what’s right and wrong. Today many lost touch with the process or forgot the value they bring to it. Factify will give you a tool to express yourself.

Who is it for?

Student activism in more occasions was able to bring much needed political, environmental, economic, and social changes. Factify aims to become a tool for the young generations to come together and make decisions.

What makes it stand out from the crowd?

A tool designed to cancel the distance between people, cultures and places… that aims to create a global mind capable of making decisions from the point of view of society as a whole.

What’s next?

We have further developed the app to allow users to create simple polls and receive information about their audience. We also allow users to donate “seconds” to posts they enjoy. We will keep making the app better and better!

Link to Company / App Demo video