Company / App Name: Exitintent
Twitter – @suhaas_kaul

What does it do?

Convert your website’s abandoning visitors to leads and customers

Why do we need it? is a SaaS platform to increase user retention and drive customer acquisition for small and medium businesses. It learns the way people browse a site to predict when the user is about to leave and then shows them a campaign

Who is it for?

Small and medium business. It converts their website’s abandoning visitors to leads and customers.

What makes it stand out from the crowd?

It increases conversions and reduces bounce rates in a very effective way,upto 200% growth is being seen in the conversion rates in some customers, and it is installed in seconds.We also provide design and technical support as well.

What’s next?

The product launch is on 30th June.Right now we have given product to our lighthouse customers.

Our major aim is to help increase users for any company and we will be launching more of such apps in future.

Pitch Video