Company / App Name: Everytime
Twitter – everytimehq

What does it do?

Everytime allows you to save any moment in any media, such as videos from Youtube or Vimeo, musics from Soundcloud, or even files from your computer.

Why do we need it?

You need it if you want to organize your sources of inspiration. I designed it to help me first, since as a filmmaker I needed a tool to bookmark key moments in media I was either creating or getting inspiration from.

Who is it for?

It is designed for media professionals, such as filmmakers, sound artists and writers.

What makes it stand out from the crowd?

Everytime is unique as no other app allows you to organize your sources of inspiration so easily and from so many sources. You can also decide how you share them, publicly or privately.

What’s next?

we are in the process of growing and getting more users. So we spend a lot of time listening and making sure people understand what the app does and how to use it. So we tune our message and make sure our app stays really easy to discover

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