Company / App Name: everscoop
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What does it do?

Everscoop is a personal magazine and a tool to create, organize, share and showcase the stuff you love.

Why do we need it?

It is a place to access the right and valuable information provided by the people around the world.
Find People who share similar interest.

Who is it for?

In Education : Create and showcase your ideas collaboratively.and share latest events and festivals.
In your daily life :Start collecting the things you love and Organize and Publish your Magazine
For Business :Build your Brand.

What makes it stand out from the crowd?

Not a Personal Network – no privacy concern.
Pool of valuable and useful Information.
Rich and stunningly beautiful Content.
Your followers will never miss any content.
Follow your interest and get connected.

What’s next?

Provide more features for the people to access the information easily.
Mobile App for easy access.

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