Company / App Name: EverMarket
Twitter – UseEverMarket

What does it do?

EverMarket is the new and simple way to buy, sell and trade online. EverMarket’s Offer System enables the trading of goods, services and cash in any combination.

Why do we need it?

Classifieds are clunky and auctions are impersonal. With EverMarket, users get an intuitive interface for posting their listings. The Offer System allows for everyone involved to see and modify or counter-offer while maintaining anonymity.

Who is it for?

EverMarket is everyone’s marketplace. From small towns to big cities all across the globe, users are able to post and search in their own area.

What makes it stand out from the crowd?

The EverMarket Offer System allows for transparent interaction
EverMarket does not charge to list. Nor do we skim off the top of completed transactions
EverMarket frees people from juggling emails and text messages about their listing

What’s next?

We need your help to grow the EverMarket community! An app for iPhone and iPad users will be out shortly to make the experience of selling online even easier.

Pitch Video