Company / App Name: EmpXtrack
Twitter – empxtrack

What does it do?

EmpXtrack is a full featured global HR and talent management software on the cloud. EmpXtrack helps automate the entire employee lifecycle and provides a 14 Day Free Trial to allow small and large businesses try out all HR functions.

Why do we need it?

For many companies that are starting their HR automation journey, the first steps include the conversion of spreadsheets to a full database with workflows. EmpXtrack allows HR to try out the software and then select the appropriate options.

Who is it for?

Our users are Employees, HR and Managers. Each has distinct benefits in terms of visibility, transparency, removal of paper. EmpXtrack helps reduce cost, increase employee engagement and provides data for real time decision making.

What makes it stand out from the crowd?

EmpXtrack is the only Talent Management software with the depth of features being offered and a completely configurable setup for its users. We offer a full and no-obligation 14 day Free Trial and have 100s of enrollments every week.

What’s next?

We have prospects coming to us from over 50 different countries and are trying to increase our visibility.

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