Company / App Name: Ejamsi
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What does it do?

Slim lightweight Necktie + RFID Wallet, for your cards and cash. A tribute to the modern man, always on the go, but forever in style. Hand stitched genuine leather wallet with RFID protection inside a 100% Silk necktie. Comes in 2 designs.

Why do we need it?

Eliminates carrying a bulky wallet. It prevents left behind wallet and any theft of wallet from pocket or coat. Convenient and stylish for work and a night out at the cocktail lounge. Your daily use necktie to carry your cards and cash.

Who is it for?

This new product is KNOT YOUR AVERAGE TIE; it perfectly combines attire and accessory, creating convenience and comfort for the modern male. For the modern man wearing ties or business purposes, or simply for the sake of fashion.

What makes it stand out from the crowd?

The EJAMSI tie is 100% silk, with the exception of the Genuine Leather with RFID protection stitched inside the back of the tie that provides compartments for cash or card.

What’s next?

Currently seeking to launch product via Kickstarter. Once funded Ejamsi plans to launch in the retail market, into retail chain stores across the United States.

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