Company / App Name: Easy WebContent Presenter
Twitter – easywebcontent

What does it do?

With EWC Presenter, users can create universally accessible HTML5 presentations, animations, product demos, galleries, infographics, banners and virtually any type of interactive content that is fully accessible across all devices.

Why do we need it?

Static content is often be boring; Traditional products such as Flash are no longer a viable solution because they are not supported by Apple mobile devices. HTML5 is the solution but requires understanding of code. Presenter changes that

Who is it for?

Designer and creative professional will appreciate the degree of features and customization of all elements and animation effects. At the same time, novice users will also find the intuitive interface easy to understand and easy to use.

What makes it stand out from the crowd?

Presenter fulfills the needs for creating all types of content within one application. Additionally it is solely based on HTML5 technology from start to publish. It is a true disruptor to Flash. Additionally it is extremely user friendly

What’s next?

We are just getting started. With the platform in place and standard widgets and features in place, we are aggressively working to bring a series of new features and widgets that will make Presenter the tool of choice for content creation.

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