Company / App Name: Dryrun
Twitter – mydryrun

What does it do?

Dryrun makes it easy for small business owners to enter, track and update their cash flow projections. It’s also uniquely designed to help users compare cash flow scenarios, share with their colleagues and make better decisions.

Why do we need it?

Most business failures are directly related to cash flow yet small business owners either use a spreadsheet template to deal with their cash flow or they fly by the seat of their pants. One way is uncomfortable, the other can be fatal.

Who is it for?

Small business owners who have highly irregular cash flow. Often, they want to migrate from a spreadsheet to a system that is easier to use, faster and much simpler to understand.

What makes it stand out from the crowd?

Dryrun is different from other products in two key ways. First, we made it much simpler to use and easy to understand, and second, we made it simple to compare different ‘what if’ scenarios.

What’s next?

We will be officially launching in September of 2014 after a successful soft launch in late January of 2014 which landed us our first customers and significant input.

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