Company / App Name: Drawer
Twitter – getdrawer

What does it do?

Drawer helps you keep track of places you hear about so you’ll remember to try them later. Also, you can put together lists of your favorite places to share with your friends and the world.

Why do we need it?

Most of us are often looking for new places to try, and typical review sites can’t be trusted. Instead of relying on strangers or computer-generated recommendations, get personal again and exchange recommendations with your friends.

Who is it for?

Drawer is best for people who are active in their travel and entertainment lives. If you’re constantly looking for new places to try, and feel best when trying places your friends told you about, Drawer is perfect for you.

What makes it stand out from the crowd?

Instead of having a list of reviews about a single place, we put people first. We connect you with real people (ideally your friends) and let you explore what *they* like and want to try.

What’s next?

Our iOS app is currently available, and we\’re launching on Android and the web by March 2014.

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