Company / App Name: Donorhut
Twitter – donorhut

What does it do?

Donorhut is a service for nonprofit organizations and organizations seeking help with raising funds online. Our service helps you simplify your fundraising efforts and provides you with the tools to safely and securely collect money online.

Why do we need it?

The world of fundraising is challenging and many charities and nonprofits rely on the funds donated by supporters to operate. Donorhut helps organizations unlock the vast landscape of the Internet to broaden their fundraising reach.

Who is it for?

Our platform is tailored towards charities, nonprofits or any organization seeking help with safely collecting funds online.

What makes it stand out from the crowd?

Our platform is simple, easy and free to use. We allow you to fully brand and customize your campaign to suit the needs of your organization. In addition all donations collected are automatically and safely transferred to your bank account.

What’s next?

We are always looking to improve our platform. Moving forward we will be developing more features to help campaign owners improve the reach and exposure of their campaigns.