Company / App Name: DocSend
Twitter – @DocSend

What does it do?

DocSend makes business communication with documents more effective and actionable by providing analytics, feedback, and control for the documents you send.

Why do we need it?

Business professionals are able to see who has viewed their documents and how long they have viewed each page. They can also update and restrict access to their documents at any time, even after the documents have been sent.

Who is it for?

DocSend is unique in its combination of sleek user interface and powerful enterprise features. It provides business professionals in startups, sales, and marketing, a quick and seamless way of understanding who engages with their materials.

What makes it stand out from the crowd?

DocSend allows users to create multiple links for the same document. This provides statistics and metrics on each individual that receives a document via a DocSend link. It’s free for any individual to create a DocSend account.

What’s next?

More features centered around team usage and integrations with other systems (e.g. Google and Box).

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