Company / App Name: datMachine
Twitter – datMachineinc

What does it do?

We attach website visitors to different clusters according to time they spent on different pages, find pages which affect conversion rate the most(positively and negatively) and let you analyze all this information in multiple dimensions

Why do we need it?

You can easily identify which types of visitors are more likely to convert in paying customers, discover which parts of your website influence customer decision making process the most and find unexpected patterns in visitors\’ behavior.

Who is it for?

It is for all who run online business:
1. Startups
2. E-commerce websites
3. Web masters and web agencies

What makes it stand out from the crowd?

We are not just showing you some facts about your website. We are focusing on the process of turning visitors into customers and trying to find deep reasons for different types of behavior in order to increase revenue of our customer.

What’s next?

The next steps that we are going to take are:
1. Increase number of customers.
2. Get more feedback.
3. Improve quality of service.

Pitch Video