Company / App Name: daPulse
Twitter – daPulseLabs

What does it do?

daPulse is an online collaboration tool for companies in growth. It lets managers lead by showing their team the Big Picture. This view of company goals and progress gets everyone pushing together in the same direction.

Why do we need it?

Growth brings growing pains: losing track of who’s doing what, chasing people for answers, mounting emails & meetings. daPulse solves these by supplying one clear view of your top priorities. This gets everyone working in sync.

Who is it for?

Startups and companies that are growing in employees, locations and users. If you’re experiencing losing track of who’s doing what, chasing people for answers and mounting coordination efforts, we can help you grow with ease.

What makes it stand out from the crowd?

It’s beautiful interface: The Big Picture view is not a marketing term, it’s what the product looks like. Our Boards are customizable and when things get done they turn green. It’s a very gratifying, incentivizing experience.

What’s next?

Adding more startups and companies to our growing, happy, successful customer base, that includes the likes of Fiverr, WeWork, UBER, Wix, Saatchi Art and many more.

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