Company / App Name: Crowd-Adviser
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What does it do?

CrowdAdviser provides startup companies the opportunity to reach the “Crowd Wisdom” by allowing individuals to share new ideas and feedback on their desired product & services.

Why do we need it?

Our vision is assisting Small & Medium businesses with its harsh survival rate reality, using a platform that provides SMEs the opportunity to reach the crowd wisdom by sharing new ideas and feedback on their product and services.

Who is it for?

CrowdAdviser is basically brings together two worlds into one:
1) SME’s who would like to reach vast thoughts, ideas and opinions from the crowd.
2) Individuals from different backgrounds and ages who are willing to donate their wisdom

What makes it stand out from the crowd?

CrowdAdviser simplifies the process of getting solutions & feedback for new and ongoing startup, without neglecting the users’ side which is given the opportunity to win money and recognition.

What’s next?

CrowdAdviser working on developing a new and improved version based on semantic analysis and state-of-the-art algorithms.

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