Company / App Name: Creately
Twitter – creately

What does it do?

Creately is a web based diagramming software that helps you create stunning designs and visuals three times faster compared to traditional diagram software using an innovative interface, real-time collaboration and patent pending technology

Why do we need it?

If you want to explain an idea, a concept or almost anything visuals do a far better job than text. Creately helps you create those visuals in a fast, easy and efficient manner and help you discuss those ideas via real-time collaboration

Who is it for?

UI designers, software architects, web designers, teachers, business owners, network engineers, HR personal, marketers. students, business executives, bloggers, scientists and anyone interested in creating stunning visuals and diagrams

What makes it stand out from the crowd?

We are the only web based diagramming tool that offers a desktop application that syncs with your online account. This means you can access your diagrams for anywhere in the worl

What’s next?

Importing and exporting of Visio, Support for more diagram types, Making the tool available in HTML5, Enhancement to interface to make it even faster, Adding support to more platforms like Google Drive, Support for more languages

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