Company / App Name: coolnearyou
Twitter – Chi Whole Leaf LLC.

What does it do?

This app is an anonymous, location based platform that allows the user to find and share cool events in their area. Other users can then find these events, whether they be parties, bars or restaurants and go there with their GPS. Once there

Why do we need it?

coolnearyou allows for seamless communication between people who are at the event and people who are thinking about going. It provides honest, anonymous feedback and people at the event itself are given in determining whether it is cool.

Who is it for?

coolnearyou is for people above the ages of 17 that are looking for places in their area to go. If they are deciding between two different house parties or bars, coolnearyou allows them to see what people at the event are saying about it.

What makes it stand out from the crowd?

coolnearyou is the first social media app that focuses on the events rather than the people. You can only take pictures directly from your camera and you can only upvote events that you are actually at. coolnearyou keeps it honest.

What’s next?

coolnearyou will attempt to gather feedback by reaching as many users as possible. Once we can determine that it fully serves it’s intended purpose we will ramp up to a full scale launch.

Link to Company / App Demo video