Company / App Name: Consumerify

What does it do?

Consumerify is a product search engine that introduces a much simpler way to search products online, by showing product prices, features, reviews, competitors, top sellers, and 10 other product-related information with just 1 simple search.

Why do we need it?

Consumerify makes product researching and shopping easier. With this tool, consumers no longer have to bounce back and forth between Google, Amazon, retail sites, review sites, and price comparison sites when online shopping.

Who is it for?

Consumers or literally anyone who shops or search products online.

What makes it stand out from the crowd?

Different from typical price comparison websites, Consumerify offers complete information about searched products, rather than just focusing on prices.

What’s next?

Filters for price, brand, category, etc. will be implemented. Also, more e-commerce APIs will be integrated to deliver more specific e-commerce search results to consumers.

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