Company / App Name:
Twitter – UsableBytes

What does it do?

Offers the most essential tools that help small teams to focus on their core areas of product development. 1. Interviews process automation. 2. Beautiful employee database along with team organizations and org charts.

Why do we need it?

1. Keeps candidates, recruiters and panel members in sync. 2. Allows employees to customize their profiles. 3. Beautiful org charts and other visualizations are built automatically. 4. The web app looks awesome.

Who is it for?

Small company owners, Founders, HR, Recruiters

What makes it stand out from the crowd?

The web app looks gorgeous unlike our competitors like PeopleSoft and Workday who still use Flash. Web usability is at the center of our design. We have removed all complexity kept the bare-minimum functionality to get the job done.

What’s next?

More modules are coming: expenses filing, inductions, pre-screening, polls,
appraisals, company calendar, forms, etc.

Pitch Video