Company / App Name: COINT
Twitter – COINTdotcom

What does it do?

COINT is a marketplace for people to share their goods and services in exchange with a new international, online digital currency, because people’s mental model for work is not in line with today’s dynamic attributes of daily life.

Why do we need it?

People produce and consume in a highly intermittent fashion while being absolutely constrained by their outdated understanding of what work should be. We see everyday that this is causing significant inefficiency and wasted resources.

Who is it for?

Most people subscribe to the understanding of work hard, play hard, but very few of are able to merge work and play together. Their constant connection with the rest of the world makes this a possibility for every individual.

What makes it stand out from the crowd?

Within the COINT community, we will do it for the love of it, and be recognized for it. We envision true wealth built over COINTs – over the goodwill created by contributing to the community doing what one loves.

What’s next?

We’ll be launching the platform in mid to late spring with thousands of members participating in various categories to share their services and products with the lovely people of this global new sharing economy society.

Pitch Video