Company / App Name:
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What does it do?

“Classmint helps to score well in exams and life through research-proven scientific techniques like Cornell Notes, Active Recall and timely repetition of study notes.

Why do we need it?

Classmint lets anyone create interactive, audible, annotatable and beautiful study notes that can be folded like paper. It also maintains automated study list to aid in timely repetition.

Who is it for?

Classmint is beind used by teachers and students of all ages. Teachers create interactive study notes in Cornell Notes format and share with their students for studying. Also, students create interactive study notes and study from them.

What makes it stand out from the crowd?

Classmint is focused on helping student score well in exams. Most other companies are either note-taking app or flashcards app. Classmint has a clear purpose. Whatever features are being created enables students to learn better and faster.

What’s next?

“We’ve lots of requests coming up from our users that we would satisfy as a first priority. Teachers/Students have demanded:

Groups: for private sharing of notes and possibly Q & A for the Classroom.

Apps: for mobile study

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