Company / App Name: Chino
Twitter – @chino_api

What does it do?

Chino helps mHealth app developers to comply with the EU law on health data. We provide them with secure API and storage for health data. With us they can outsource law compliance issues and focus on satisfying their users’ needs.

Why do we need it?

To create a mHealth app a developer must consider a long list of requirements data security. Chino solves all of them and helps to avoid security and financial risks connected to health data loss.

Who is it for?

Our client can be anyone who works on a mHealth app.

What makes it stand out from the crowd?

Chino is the only service in the EU that provides secure storage for health data in 100% compliance with the EU law.

What’s next?

We are on our way to become a point of reference for mHealth app developers on the EU market. Safe and compliant storage is our main service, but we are working on additional services to make app creation even more easy and secure!