Company / App Name: chess24
Twitter – chess24com

What does it do?

chess24 is a major new platform for chess players and anyone who wants to take up the game. You can play chess with your friends, learn from the top players and keep up-to-date with all that’s going on in the chess world.

Why do we need it?

Chess is played by a huge number of people around the world and they need a place to meet, play, watch tournaments and improve by learning from experienced players.

Who is it for?

chess24 is for everybody interested in chess, from complete beginners right up to top professionals, who can still pick up ideas from their rivals.

What makes it stand out from the crowd?

chess24 is completely browser-based, with our lessons combining video and interactive chessboards without the need to download software or purchase DVDs. We also have the best live broadcast tools in the business.

What’s next?

chess24 will shortly be opening its doors but until then the pre-launch site will give you a taste of what awaits. You can register your interest or get an exclusive glimpse behind the scenes of chess24 through our blog.

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