Company / App Name: checkAppointments
Twitter – @checkAppts

What does it do?

Online scheduling for businesses that want clients to book appointments & reserve class seats on their website. ideal for businesses that are missing too many calls or just want to provide another avenue for their clients to reach them.

Why do we need it?

Frees up entrepreneurs time from returning missed calls and keeps small businesses from missing appointment opportunities if theyre unavailable to answer the phone. Organizes business by automating communication for reminders & follow ups

Who is it for?

Used by: 401k advisors, recruiters, health & wellness therapists, teachers, academic advisors, professors, gyms, yoga studios, sheriffs departments, doctors offices, creative agencies, attorneys, support teams, little league groups, & more

What makes it stand out from the crowd?

checkAppointments is a unique scheduler by supporting businesses with multiple locations and staff. It allows businesses to operate across timezones and clearly communicates the time based on the timezone of both the client and staff.

What’s next?

We are rolling out a mobile app for our business users with an app for clients soon to follow. Many integrations are planned over the next year so you can communicate appointment information seamlessly to a CRM or email marketing platform

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