Company / App Name: ChartBlocks
Twitter – @chartblocks

What does it do?

ChartBlocks is an online software platform that lets you quickly and easily build embeddable, shareable charts. Import data, design your chart and then share online or download as a vector graphic.

Why do we need it?

If youve ever tried to make a chart you will know that it is easy enough to do in Excel but what about sharing it? It doesnt take long to make a chart with D3 but what about non-technical users? ChartBlocks makes the process quick & easy.

Who is it for?

ChartBlocks is for anyone who wants to make charts. For web designers its easier than using a chart library, designers will be able to create vector charts and data visualisers will enjoy an ever increasing number of visualisation types.

What makes it stand out from the crowd?

Weve made it easy to share your charts and created integrations with Pinterest, Facebook and Twitter – including Twitter cards so that your charts will appear in the timeline.

What’s next?

Soon you will be able to connect directly to databases, data feeds and other sources of data. Advanced queries will allow you query your database like an advanced analytics tool

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