Company / App Name: Callorb Technologies/Callorb
Twitter – @callorb

What does it do?

Callorb is a call tracking and call management application for Android which allows a user to annotate their mobile calls when they are received. This way information about calls is not forgotten.

Why do we need it?

Callorb can be used in many vertical markets. Helps professionals manage their business. Enables follow up and integration with Google contacts. Cal information is recorded (time, duration, number). User annotates call.

Who is it for?

Salespeople can annotate information about clients, leads and even product orders from the field. Project and Program Managers can classify calls by Project or client. Legal rpofessionals can keep track of client communications.

What makes it stand out from the crowd?

There is no product like it in the market. Allows for classification or group assignment of calls for easy reporting by group of calls (ex. clients, coworkers, personal, business). Records the calls and stores in cloud.

What’s next?

Geo spatial integration to include travel reporting based on where phone is. Useful in tracking mileage. Also enable tracking of tasks and contacts geographically.

Pitch Video