Company / App Name:
Twitter – brisk_io

What does it do?

Faster more focused UI for Salesforce. Asks you instead so you wont forget things. Auto-import contact data from LinkedIn. Search and overview faster.

Why do we need it?

– Super fast search
– View and edit customer records
– Quick add of new records, with utilities for capturing contact info from LinkedIn and the clipboard
– Overview of your Opportunities, Accounts and Contacts

Who is it for?

All sales people that wants to spend less time in Salesforce and more time on selling. Who would not want to cut the admin time tremendously?

What makes it stand out from the crowd?

The sidebar works as a layer on top of any website. It is highly customizable and helps you focus. It’s there to help – like a personal assistant of yours.

What’s next?

We’ve just released our sidebar in Chrome Web Store:

Pitch Video