Company / App Name: Brief It
Twitter – BriefIt

What does it do?

Brief It is an Australian legal services marketplace connecting clients with the right lawyer.

It works by clients posting a brief and comparing proposals from lawyers to find affordable, quality legal advice.

Why do we need it?

Brief It addresses the biggest challenge clients face when finding a lawyer: comparing service offerings based on their needs. Now clients can assess their options in one place to find a high performing lawyer and manage legal fees.

Who is it for?

Brief It is aimed at start-ups and SMEs. Our network of lawyers at Australian national and boutique firms are well served to meeting the needs of a lean start-up to a mature business.

What makes it stand out from the crowd?

Unlike other websites, Brief It doesn’t refer a client to one particular lawyer. When a client uses Brief It, they receive the facts that matter most and make the final decision from those lawyers who have pitched to them.

What’s next?

We will continue to focus on our business customers and at the same time implement our plans to expand into other areas of law.

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