Company / App Name: Bookstoc
Twitter – @bookstoc

What does it do?

Bookstoc enables its registered users to catalog books, discover catalogs of their contacts who are using Bookstoc. Users can also track the books they share with their contacts so they don\’t lose their books after sharing.

Why do we need it?

Many readers have said to us during market survey that they lose books when they share with others. By sharing textbooks or old books, users can save money and find a good book to read.

Who is it for?

Bookstoc is designed with individuals, students and bookworms

What makes it stand out from the crowd?

Bookstoc was created by a bibliophile team for the students, reader’s community. Books are like jewels to a bibliophile/reader. We understand the bibliophiles and readers like no one else does.

What’s next?

We are running inbound and outbound marketing to boost our visibility. We visit colleges/schools and give our demos before students. Mockups for mobile apps are ready, we are just waiting for a good market size to implement it.

Pitch Video